Orthopedic Injury Lawyer


Orthopedic Injuries: Trauma and Fractures

Orthopedic trauma typically involves a bone fracture, dislocation, or severe soft tissue injury. Common orthopedic injuries caused by trauma include tibia and femoral fractures, spinal injuries including fractured neck and back vertebrae.
A fracture is simply a large or small break in the bone.
Common types of fractures we see from trauma include:

  • “Comminuted” Fracture: A fracture that results in three or more bone fragments.
  • “Closed” (simple) and contained entirely within the body with no break in the skin.
  • “Open” (compound) with an obvious protrusion to outside the skin. Open fractures often leave the skin and bone susceptible to additional infection.

Fortunately, a variety of orthopedic techniques can help using realignments and stabilizations using external and internal fixations.