Bart is one of the best trial lawyers in the nation. He demonstrates this with his many successful verdicts and settlements, and his care and concern for his clients. He is one of the best faculty members at the famous Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and I would recommend him to anyone needing legal representation, without reservation.Attorney Bill Trine http://www.innercircle.org/LawyerSearch/William-Trine
I hired The Costello law firm because Mr. Costello was highly recommended and had many years of experience working with hundreds of auto collision patients. I had a serious problem with a large, local University, whose van struck my car but denied all responsibility despite receiving the ticket! Mr. Costello represented me in a trial and we received a verdict for 86 times the offer they had made a week before trial. ($10,000 offer v. $860,000 verdict plus interest). Bart Costello was compassionate and smart throughout the entire process. He knew the medical side very well. I would highly recommend him for his extraordinary passion and results. Bill P. (Personal injury litigation client involved in an auto accident involving large, commercial van)
I was struck on my bicycle and had a hard time with the insurance company for the driver who opened his door into my lane of traffic. Mr. Costello’s reputation in the insurance industry helped get my case resolved for the maximum $100,000 available without a trial. He was very smart and really helpful. I will recommend him to anyone who asks.Brian R. (Personal injury litigation client involved in a bicycle accident)
An insurance company offered me money soon after I was injured in a car wreck. Although tempted, I am so glad I did not take the money and instead hired the Costello Law Firm. They were very experienced in collision matters. After I hired them, when I had questions they returned my calls on the day I called them, every time. They were courteous, professional and very successful with my case. They exceeded my expectations. Mr. Costello knows the medicine.Krystal B. (Personal injury client involved in a car accident)
I felt lucky to have you as my attorney after my car was struck by a large tractor trailer. Mr. Costello is expert in trucking laws and handled my case right up to the trial date. The case settled before trial for a much larger sum than I had imagined I would receive. Thank you so much and I will give your name out to anyone who needs a fine personal injury attorney injured by a large truck.Brad P. (Personal injury litigation client involved in a trucking accident)
Mr. Costello represented me in a trial that had a heartfelt outcome. My car was rear-ended at a low speed but I received a rib injury. After years of the other two cars blaming each other, we went to trial. The other two cars offered a total of $28,000 before trial, but I received $185,000 at trial including interest and costs. Mr. Costello was deeply honest and real with the jurors. He is passionate, experienced, and successful. Thank you for helping my family so much!Brett H. Personal injury litigation client involved in a multi-car auto accident)
I am a fireman and was injured when I was driving my family car. I struck a stopped car in front, but then was rear-ended at a much greater speed. Your office took the case despite the first impact confusion. Your office took my case to trial and was impressive. Mr. Costello is smart and knows how to speak in a straightforward way, with integrity. The jury gave us $118,000 including interest and costs after the defendant had offered me just $3,000 before trial. Thank you Mr. Costello for helping put my life back together after my injuries.Ron S. (Personal injury litigation client involved in a multi-car auto accident)
Thank you for your help in settling my case. I was very frustrated with the two insurance companies, one not paying my medical bills and the other denying responsibly for the accident. Mr. Costello straightened out both insurance companies and I will always be grateful for that. Superior results in both cases. I recommend him highly if you were in a collision. Tyler T. Personal injury litigation client
Thank you for helping my family through a rough time. My collision left me out of work for a while causing great financial stress. You were able to obtain wage losses for me in a timely manner. The insurance company had made a small offer of $10,000 but your office obtained a jury verdict of $302,000 including interest and costs. My family is eternally grateful for all your expert and compassionate help.Kim B. (Personal injury litigation client involved in an auto accident)
My neck was not in the best shape before the accident but I required much more medical care after the accident. Your office took my case and helped me to get back to work and get back on my feet. Thanks you so much for your help. The insurance company offered $15,000 before trial and we recovered over $166,000 after trial. Mr. Costello is the best attorney!!!!Elizabeth H. (Personal injury litigation client involved in an auto accident)
My car struck a black cow on the highway at night. Mr. Costello helped settle my case for far more than I had thought possible. He was kind and personally returned all my calls to him. I can’t say enough for his knowledge, energy, and compassion for us during this time.Tonya M. (Personal injury litigation client struck a black cow at night)