Motorcycle Accidents

Seek qualified medical attention
Collect evidence from the accident scene
Before you discuss the accident with an insurance company representative, speak to a motorcycle injury attorney first
Contact an experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney as soon as possible

Bart Costello has helped many motorcyclists during the last thirty years.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury after a motorcycle accident, you want to understand your potential avenues of legal recourse. You also want to preserve your rights to obtain fair compensation for injuries, lost time at work and career opportunities, therapies (current and future), and punitive damages.

Motorcycles are among the most vulnerable vehicles on U.S. surface streets and highways. Even when motorcyclists engage in all proper safety protocols, they can’t control the behavior of other drivers. When motorcycles collide with passenger cars and trucks, they often bear the brunt of the damage, because of the difference in mass of the vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 4,300 motorcycle deaths and 80,000 injuries occur every year in the United States. These deaths and injuries disproportionately affect younger and male drivers, although men and women (and boys and girls) of every age bracket get hurt in these crashes.

What to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

1. Seek qualified medical attention.
Even if you feel only sore after a crash, play it safe. After an accident, your body’s “fight or flight response” will kick in and potentially numb the pain of an injury that should be treated ASAP. Also, concussions or soft tissue injuries may not immediately lead to intense symptoms. For your health, get medical help.

2. Collect evidence from the accident scene.
The more information you can document, the better. Take pictures of the crash with your cell phone camera, if possible. Collect insurance information from other drivers and eyewitnesses, including contact info, insurance information, and vehicle identifying information. Fill out a police report. Get a copy of this report and save it.

3. Before you discuss the accident with an insurance company representative, speak to a motorcycle injury attorney first.
An insurance adjuster’s job is to probe for ways to minimize their liability, not maximize your benefits.

4. Contact an experienced Boulder motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.
A Boulder motorcycle accident attorney can advise you about your rights, help you handle phone calls from adjusters, and protect your finances and give you peace of mind.