Boulder Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorney

To drive legally in Colorado, you need to have adequate insurance. The state law (as of August 2015) stipulates that most drivers must have at least $25,000 per person coverage for bodily injury; $50,000 per accident for bodily injury; and $15,000 per accident for property damage.

Unfortunately, many drivers do not have adequate insurance – or lack insurance altogether. This “under coverage” (or lack of coverage) can be a huge problem, if such a driver causes an accident that damages your vehicle and/or causes physical trauma to you or one of your passengers. What should you do to obtain compensation after a crash caused by an under-insured or uninsured driver in Colorado?

If the driver has some insurance (even if it’s not enough) you may be able to use that coverage to compensate you in part. And additional coverage may be available if there was under-insured (UIM) coverage on the vehicle you were in, or another applicable insured vehicle in your household.

If a motorist is completely uninsured, uninsured motorist (UM) insurance may be available on the involved car or other applicable insureds vehicles in your household.