Avoiding and Treating Whiplash Injuries

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Dr. Arthur Croft, D.C., has written extensively about “whiplash” injuries. He suggests five ways to avoid or minimize pain before and after a whiplash accident.

Shop for a Safer Car

Before you buy your next car, compare vehicle structural design, vehicle size and weight, and restraint systems, seat belts, air bags, head restraints, and crash avoidance features. Check the Insurance Institute Highway Safety ratings.

Keep headrests in UP position

Eighty percent of cars have the head restraint adjusted in the LOW position. LOW positioned headrests can cause the head to experience a fulcrum effect causing severe (yet preventable) whiplash symptoms. And ALWAYS wear your seat belt!

No crush, no crash?

Within a certain range of crash speeds there may be NO DAMAGE to the vehicle, however, whiplash injuries can be MORE prevalent than when the vehicle is damaged. The explanation for this is that in a higher-speed crash, the force of the impact is absorbed in the crushing of the car frame and NOT transmitted to the occupant. In a low speed collision, the occupant experiences and absorbs much of the energy of the impact.

Seek treatment immediately

It has been shown that patients who start treatment for a whiplash injury within two weeks after the collision recover faster. Immediate treatment will decrease the likelihood of painful, chronic symptoms.

Do what your doctor orders

The best outcomes are to seek care early and to follow your doctor’s advice whether it involves exercises, ice, good nutrition, medication, soft collars for the first few days, adjusted work-stations, or deep tissue work.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of a “whiplash” injury, contact a Boulder personal injury attorney today.